Prerana Paying Guest Accomodation for Ladies

Prerana PG for ladies is the best PG in an around manyata tech park providing best quality accommodation with TV, Fridge, Power Backup, Lift, Washing Machine and many more!

Why should you choose us?

We have over 10 years of experiencing in running PGs and we know what suits well to working women. We consider safety, comfort, luxury, food and a homely feeling are the most important things in a home away from home. Just 5 minute walk from Manyata Tech Park, we are the best for your needs. Pay a visit today.

Feel the comfort in our PG

We have the best facilities in the area and here are few of them

one of our bedroom walls in prerana pg

1,2,3 bed in single room

We provide single sharing, twin sharing and three sharing accommodation as per your requiement.

Living Room in every floor

We have a living room in every floor if any time you feel to relax, read and meditate.

Power Backup

You need not worry about power cuts anymore as our PG is fully equipped with adequate power backup.

CCTV cameras

We have CCTV cameras installed at all major places for your security. No need to worry about thefts anymore.

Washing Machine

Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.


We have lift facility for you to access the terrace or for your convenience.

Gym facility for your health needs

We have the best GYM in our premises and it is free for all in the PG. We are the first PG in bangalore to have a GYM on premises.

gym in ladies PG near manyata tech park